Author: Paul Durae Duncan

Veteran own handyman business, experienced in Electrical, HVAC, Carpentry, ElectroMechanical Systems; Power Generation and more... over 23 years of experience and resources.
Nov 24

PDD Handyman-Solutions

Every construction job has its issues; I’m not going to tell you that problems won’t arise when undertaking a construction project, because they often do. I leave the false promises to other handymen. I will tell you, however, when a problem arises, I’ll work through it, keep you informed, and get the job done the […]
Jan 10

Furniture Catalog

Custom bed built to your specs. Price $975 Sizes Crew, Queens, King       Custom rustic coffee table Can be used as a table cart Can be built to your preferred dimensions Price $3750     Custom bench Made with Doug fir, white woods or a preferred hardwood, like oak, or walnut. Price $150-$550 […]