Furniture Catalog

Custom bed built to your specs. Price $975 Sizes Crew, Queens, King       Custom rustic coffee table Can be used as a table cart Can be built to your preferred dimensions Price $3750     Custom bench Made with Doug fir, white woods or a preferred hardwood, like oak, or walnut. Price $150-$550…

A fundamental truth!

There are truths and or principles that governs our lives. These principles or fundamental precepts are what other truths hang on. If ignored life cannot function the way it was meant to. One of these fundamental truths are; a person cannot learn anything outside of himself properly, unless he has a good understanding of himself….

Custom Shop Air Purifier Build

This was a custom shop air purifier for my shop, used a 800 CFM blower. No matter how much saw dust I produce this baby filters the air in no time.

Custom Loft Bed Build

  This is a custom loft bed I built. I used 2×4’s doug fir, 2×3’s white wood and 2×6’s doug fir    

Custom Crate Draw Dresser

This is a custom dresser I recently built. I used doug fir 2×4 and 3/4 inch furniture grade plywood.          

The Scale of Protection

James woke up excited; understandably so, because it was the day of his first skydive. Ready and eager, James had trouble focusing on anything else. He hurriedly got himself together persuading his wife and kids to be ready to go. ¬†They were going there to support James on his first jump, as they often did…