The Scale of Protection


James woke up excited; understandably so, because it was the day of his first skydive. Ready and eager, James had trouble focusing on anything else. He hurriedly got himself together persuading his wife and kids to be ready to go.  They were going there to support James on his first jump, as they often did before. James’s family supported him many times in the past when he was in the army. So being rushed out the door was nothing new for them.

How do you feel? asked Emma; James’s wife. “Bright eyed and bushy-tailed!” James replied. Emma stared at him with a giddy proud smile, seemingly remembering her husband’s time in the army. As they drove to the airport, James couldn’t seem to keep his excitement to himself… “You ready to see dad jump out a perfectly good airplane?” Shouted James to his two young children seating in the backseat. “Yes!”…”No!” they replied…of course the “yes” came from Noah, James’s son and the “No” from Ava his daughter.

Finally they arrived, with joy and excitement written all over James’s face, they make their way inside. After James gets prepped and ready, his personal photographer interviews him; “So, what made you want to jump out a perfectly good airplane?” … she asks James… “its something I always wanted to do, I asked my wife to join me but she said not yet”  James says laughingly… feeling full of confidence because of his helicopter repelling training in the army. Finally, the photographer asks  “if at first you don’t succeed”… staring waitingly at James….seemingly expecting him not to know the joke… James replies… “skydiving isn’t for you!” she laughs with surprised amusement.

As James takes the plane ride to 13,500 ft he gets better acquainted with his tandem instructor. James fervently listens to his instructions as the army had trained him to do. They make their way to the door, in a slow shuffle…and in a coordinated effort, they jump! The sound of the wind rushing pass James’s ears was like riding his motorcycle through a hurricane, it was nothing like he had experience before… the view; captivating the scale of everything on the ground was humbling. The scale of protection between him and the “small ground” that would come so fast, was a parachute and his trained instructor.





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